Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Street Style: 3 awesome outfits that started with a t-shirt

Most closets are full with t-shirts, basic pieces that you might not think of as the building rocks of a truly awesome outfit - but they are. Honestly, great looks don't have to be complicated and you don't need a fancy blouse to make your ensemble noteworthy; it's all about what you wear with your tee. Below I borrowed inspiration from some well-known fashion bloggers. Scroll down to see some magic happening with a greatly styled tee.

Source: Instagram user juliahenge

 This is how a t-shirt is transformed, by being tucked into a full, feminine skirt.

Source: Instagram user songofstyle
 Sure, a black tee is basic, but styled with leather pants, a touch of camouflage and some heels, it is infinity cooler.

Source: Instagram user lovelypepa
A print coat and some sneakers lift this t-shirt from ordinary to awesome. 

So be inspired, get those tees out off the closets, combine them with print jackets, boyfriend jeans, shorts, leather pants, your favorite high heels or even your comfy sneakers and transform your basic style into a street style statement!

Be inspired,