Monday, May 19, 2014

SheInside review

I don't know if I wanna go that way and do reviews too often, but since I read so many terrible things about, I thought I could clear some stuff up. When I found sheinside, I was SO happy because they have wide varieties of gorgeous clothing and a lot to choose from.  I stumbled upon this website after seeing many different reviews from the people I follow on fashiolista.

They have so many options, from dresses to blazers, jewelry, bathing suits, winter jackets  and everything else that is in between. The styles are so unique and if you are looking for basic items, they also have great, classic, simple pieces. However, what I really loved were the quirkier items. They have a fantastic selection of vintage dresses, with some patterns that are like nothing I've ever seen and some dresses and shirts have with really interesting cuts and patterns. What I also love is that they seem to always come up with new designs, and I especially love their large collection of sweaters!

So, remember my post about those amazing sweaters ? I said I'd order one soon and I kept my word. Shortly after that post, I had to make a choice: which one do I want most? So I went for the pink one, with the floral print and the "Dior" writing on it. After I looked on a few sites, I found it on SheInside and everything just seemed right. It was even cheaper than on romwe and they have free shipping worldwide!

I have to confess that I did read some horrible reviews AFTER I ordered and I thought crap, I’m going to lose my money. But I got a confirmation email really fast, and after they received the payment, I was able to track my order online with no issues.   

So I am super happy I took the gamble. The sweater is absolutely gorgeous and it looks super cute on. It fits perfectly and looks exactly like the pictures on the site. Love the style and for the price, it is perfect! Very unique, and I am definitely not going to run into another girl wearing the same top as me! 

The shipping took a few weeks because it's coming from China, but the website says it takes 5-7 business days to process and then another 5-20 business days to ship. Well, that is about a month, so no reason to complain. To be more precisely, I ordered it on  April 28th and received it today. 

This is how the package looked.

It arrived in a perfect, clean condition.
And this is how it looks. It's just amazing! <3

Thought I should add some more pictures, to show off all the beautiful details.

I love all the little butterfly silhouettes!

The only thing I am not totally crazy about is that the writing is on the back as well. Would have liked it even more without it.

The details are impeccable up to the bottom of the sweater.

Overall i'm happy with the service and quality of sheinside. I will totally buy from them again!

If you are thinking of buying from this website, do not believe all of the bad reviews! I think that some people have a certain expectation of "pretty" and when they don't get that, they just dismiss a site even if they actually pay a cheap price.