Sunday, June 1, 2014

Good bye May, say hello to June!

And then there’s summer. Aw, sweet, sweet summer...

It's June already and even if it isn't officially summer yet -because the Summer Solstice is Saturday, June 21st- I am super excited to welcome the month of June!

Long, sunny days and balmy nights that call for midnight walks, star-gazing, and ice cream. Sandal season. 
Toenails painted  in vivid colors. Wearing your favorite sun dresses everyday. Lots of sundresses. All different patterns. Flowy, casual, strappy, bright colors, and lightweight.  Big, floppy hats and big sunglasses. Making your own shorts.

Clear skies and summer thunderstorms. Napping in a hammock. Staying inside when you’ve had too much sun, blasting the a/c, and watching movies all day long. Road trips. Driving with the top down. Day trips to the beach. Making sand castles. Swimming. 

Retro bathing swimsuits. Wavy, sexy beach hair. Tanning. I have a strong need to get as tan as I can and maintain my tan for as long as possible!

The most amazing sunsets. Sitting in the shade on a hot day. Getting lost in a juicy novel for an afternoon. 
Camping, bonfires and laying in the grass. Summer nights. Water balloon fights. The smoky smell of people barbecuing. I love that no matter where you live, if you step out of your home on any given Saturday in the summer, you can smell someone grilling outdoors. It’s one of my favorite summer smells. 

Picnics. The ripest, most luscious tomatoes and fresh salads. Frappés and Smoothies. Cold watermelon and yummy cocktails. I am a sucker for those frozen umbrella drinks. Nothing says relaxation more. Daiquiris and margaritas are my favorite!  

 Oh, and Pretty Little Liars returns in 8 dAys!

At the end, the fact that anything goes because it’s summer, is the best part. Time for an adventure or time to relax.  Ice cream for dinner and drink a margarita for lunch. Live in a bathing suit and paint your nails bright orange. Neon colors, outdoor concerts, country music, iced coffee, summer fruit, sand in your toes, and 8pm runs.

What does SUMMER mean to you?

Let's have a great summer!



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