Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sweater weather

Before this week comes to an end, I thought I should do my first "Weekly Faves".  This basically means I will tell you about stuff I see and love in a week, whether it will be clothes, beauty products, looks, hair does, or what not.

This week I have been obsessing over sweaters! I know that summer is at our doorstep, but I came upon this gorgeous sweaters and if I had to choose one (and I'll have to, cause I'm ordering at least one very soon!), I wouldn't know which one to pick!

Let me show you a few examples of the ones I love, the ones I think are cool (but not sure I'd ever wear them) and the ones I loathe. Bellow every pic, you'll also find a link in case some of them appeal to you.
So here we go:

This is by far one of my favorite sweaters of all time! The print speaks for itself and the caption is also pretty great. I LOVE cupcakes and the pastel colors of the frosting don't just look delicious but how they complement each other and how well it goes from the dark cupcake body, to the colorful frosting and into the white background, is every bit adorable. You can find it here, but there are many sites that sell this kind of print sweater and the prices may vary from affordable to over priced.

My next fave is this precious sweater <3. Ever since Grumpy Cat became a thing on the internet, I have to admit that I was a fan. That face is just saying it all and I totally adore her! Having "grumpy" face on the pink background makes you love the sweater even more, doesn't it? I certainly want to own this one! Here's a link where you can find it!

Last but not least of my favorites (ever!) is this beauty. It is what caused my little passion for sweaters over this past week. I stumbled upon it on and I couldn't believe my eyes, it took my breath away! The color pallet is absolutely  brilliant   and the print is so well done, you could almost smell the flowers. I wanna call it a little piece of art and just leave it with that. You can find it (and many other beautiful sweaters) at


Below you can see other prints I really, really liked for different reasons.

 1. This one is depicting Rihanna flipping someone off, so there is not much else to say. Love it! (link)
 2. This Marc Jacobs "graffiti" grey sweater is a pretty cool one, and you can get it (more than 10 times) cheaper on romwe, than the original!
 3. I can't say much about lions, animal print or any stuff related to that, but this sweater is just too beautiful!  Wear it with a black skirt, accessorize it with a statement necklace and you got yourself an amazing outfit ! (link)
 4. As a Grammar Nazi, I find this one to be very funny. (link)
 5. And YES, this one is frikin' awesome! It's a cat ridding an unicorn for crying out loud!! And because that is not enough, the unicorn is spitting fire, the cat is holding a gun and there is what seems to be an explosion and a rainbow in the background. I can say no more! (link)
But what I most love about these, is that even if they're sweaters, they are very feminine. You can wear them in so many ways from skirts and heels, to jeans and sneakers.  


Can't say too much about these items, but fact is that I think they are all interesting; whether it's for the honest, yet funny message on #6, the "like a sir"-sloth on #8 or the very well-done print on #9. Interesting and fun, but I would just like to see them there in the pictures or maybe someone on the street wearing them. (find all these at

To sum all this sweater-craziness up, here are a few prints I just don't understand!
 I can't think of a reason why someone would wear giant pieces of sushi on a sweater or even bacon, and I love bacon! Also the huge Oprah face? A total no-go! And in the huge face category, you can find others like Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Byrnes. But hey, at least Oprah is a decent person.

 Live inspired,